Customers Feedback


I had the pleasure to work with Helen on two separate executive recruitment efforts. She and her team were exceptional in taking the time to understand our needs and then in producing an outstanding slate of candidates for the role. Throughout the process Helen was engaged, thoughtful and a genuine partner in helping us place these roles. I look forward to working with Helen in the future.
Bob Doust
Formerly VP of R&D, BD Biosciences
Helen has consistently provided me with the highest quality candidates for the positions I needed to fill. I am impressed by her technical acumen, ability to engage candidates and keep hiring managers happy. Helen brings thorough and perceptive insights about candidates, and has helped us to build a world-class team. She is the seasoned professional who can assimilate your needs and identify candidates that fit on all dimensions – knowledge, motivation and cultural fit. In addition, she has phenomenal drive and follow-through, a natural passion for understanding people, and integrity in her resolve. This combination of insight, experience, and charisma enables Helen to identify the perfect match, while her attention to process and detail help efficiently shepherd them through the hiring process. I highly recommend Helen and look forward to working with her again when the need arises.
Kamni Vijay
Formerly Director of Product Management, Bio-Rad Laboratories
Helen is a highly skilled talent search professional and I utilize her expertise exclusively. She is able to consistently seek out and identify just the right skilled and qualified candidate based on the specific requirements for each job. Her educational and professional experience make her an invaluable resource for any search regardless of the geographic location and her insight and attention to detail enables her to thoroughly vet each candidate and provide just the right fit for each individual request. I highly recommend Helen for anyone looking to improve their overall team’s success and professionalism!
Steve Minton
VP of Biopharmaceutical Production Solutions, Spectrum Chemical
I have worked with Helen to fill critical open positions in product marketing and marketing communications for over 5 years and she has consistently provided a well vetted list of candidates for each role. Helen’s ability to work with both hiring managers and candidates to keep both parties informed, updated and happy has kept my work with her smooth and predictable every time. Helen's past, professional experience has provided her with an excellent ability to work with clients to understand key requirements encompassing both hard and soft skills so that the most well rounded candidates are identified and moved forward, making the process much more efficient. I will continue to work with Helen for my future hiring needs and look forward to the next chance I have to work with her.
Steve Kulisch
Formerly VP of Marketing, BD Biosciences
Christina worked with me on several senior roles that were very specialized in the kind of expertise we were looking for. I appreciated that she was a true partner in this effort, taking the time to understand what we were trying to achieve, and evolving our approach over time (our projects together span multiple years at a high growth company). Christina communicated clearly, worked diligently with us, and the results came through in the form of many talented people who are now thriving in our company.
Michael Schwartz
Head of Solution Marketing, Benchling
Helen has placed 6 really great sales people with me in the last few years. She does a really great job vetting candidates and delivering specifically what was requested, which was different for different roles.
Silke Grainger
Senior VP of Sales Strategic Alliance Program, Thomas Scientific